Partnering with CPAs

CPAs value trusted professionals who can augment business/service client strategies, clarify or delegate services (in whole or part) in rounding out their practice.

CPAs can choose to work with “bundled” providers that provide recordkeeping, investment platform and administration, or opt for an “unbundled” solution by adding a la carte options into the service mix. The choice is driven by understanding and catering to a client’s goals.

Quality-oriented CPA’s can now demonstrate to clients that they can assemble a team of trusted experts to collaborate on the client’s behalf and that they recognize the strength of teaming with other experts to provide the overall best-in-class service.

Cerberus has specific expertise in administration and insightful plan design that will benefit your clients and help grow your practice.

A CPA-Cerberus partnership helps better manage client needs and increases opportunities for mutual business building by:

  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Pooling resources to understand complex issues and using the tax code to a client’s advantage
  • Determining necessary wage amounts needed for annual contributions/deductions where beneficial for tax savings and cost benefit
  • Creating greater leverage with plan providers working in a strategic partnership and providing comprehensive, timely, and accurate plan administration
  • Providing annual reviews to ensure that the plan design meets continued deduction needs
  • Helping drive relationship-building

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