Advisor Partners

Partnering with Advisors

Cerberus is a natural partner for advisors.

We value collaboration and guide by providing complementary knowledge and skills to realize a shared vision of quality service to clients.

We are

  • Passionate professionals who strive to enhance the probability of clients achieving their goals and creating new business opportunities
  • Entrepreneurs who keep an ear to the ground for community needs and opportunities for service
  • Doers, deeply committed to community through family, friends, organizations, and associations

We Help Your Business Grow

  • Higher close ratio with teamed presentations and annual maintenance
  • Vested interest in serving the client, retaining the relationship, and assisting the employer in maintaining a thriving retirement plan
  • Combined professional service produces strong, reliable results for the community and increased referrals
  • Service excellence that maximizes plan performance to exceed the client’s expectations
  • Provide administrative, regulatory and tax law updates of potential impact on plans and clients

Services To Help You & Your Clients

  • Provide sales and support, from proposal annual maintenance
  • Plan design, anticipating short- and long-term needs
  • Administrative recordkeeping (filings and documentation, benchmarking, addressing client queries)
  • Provide quarterly/annual reviews for advisors and clients
  • Offer client/participant education, from participant notices and fee disclosures to providing onsite seminars or remote advisor webinars
  • Perform compliance checks
  • Advise on alternative savings methods, and work with plans on profit sharing, employee stock options, and cash balance plans
  • Conform, on request, to needs and requests of clients on behalf of the advisor
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