Partnering with Employers

It’s important to spend time choosing the right Third Party Administrator (TPA) — one that aligns with your business goals and understands your corporate culture. TPAs:

  • Must have demonstrable experience and resources to meet your needs and match service expectations
  • Can become the face of your company, for information and questions regarding the plan. How TPAs interact with you or your staff is a reflection on your organization
  • Provide a higher level of flexibility that comes with knowledge/experience in being able to tailor a plan to business owner’s needs
  • Should simplify the process so that employers can reap plan benefits and avoid the risks of managing plan benefits themselves

Cerberus provides personalized, hands-on service as the dedicated point of contact for all plan management:

  • Accommodate all stages of the business life cycle to meet the goals of the business
  • Provide education and communication for owners and employees
  • Offer insight and suggestions on the current state of the plan, based on an annual review
  • Offload a portion of operations administration to allow management to focus on business building
  • Direct communication with relevant staff and service providers (bookkeeper, financial advisor, accountant)

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